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Have you ever sensed there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing?

Do you wish you valued yourself more?

Would you like to have a deeper sense of self-worth and trust in yourself?

Would you like to approach life differently?


If the answer is ‘Yes’, I can guide you – it’s already inside you waiting to emerge.


Somatic Embodiment Therapy

I use the transformative power of Somatic Embodiment Therapy, we work with the body and mind together, at a profound level.

Think of it as a holistic journey where we explore the integration of physical, emotional and mental experiences, to unlock new levels of well-being and vitality.

Working with the body gives us direct access to repatterning the nervous system, enabling you to learn how to bring in feelings of calm and stability in times of stress.

Embodiment deepens your self-awareness, and nurtures feelings of safety, connection and empowerment within.

With self-awareness comes the freedom and power to choose how you response to life’s situations rather than responding from automatic habit or reactivity.

This therapy is suitable for individuals seeking to work with:

  • Day-to-Day Challenges
  • Enhancing your Well-Being
  • Finding Direction and Purpose
  • Living to your Full Potential
  • Living more Consciously
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • RChange Behavioural Habits
  • Day-to-Day Challenges
  • Enhancing your Well-Being
  • Finding Direction and Purpose
  • Living to your Full Potential
  • Living more Consciously
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • RChange Behavioural Habits
  • RDeep Emotional Healing
  • RTrauma Recovery
  • RAddictions
  • ROvercoming Fears
  • RSelf-Empowerment
  • RBig Life Changes
  • RReactivity Patterns
  • Deep Emotional Healing
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Addictions
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Big Life Changes
  • Reactivity Patterns

My role is to support and empower you every step of the way. We will be on this journey together!

My Services

This unique approach allows you to address both surface-level and deep core issues. Whether you’re looking to enhance your day-to-day experiences or engage in deep emotional exploration, I offer comprehensive support tailored to your needs. We can work online or in person. So, if deep emotions arise during coaching work, no need to change to a therapist, I can adapt to suit your needs.

Surface-Level Rapid Resolution Coaching

Learn how to change stuck behaviours quickly, in a few sessions

Core Emotional Healing Therapy

Support in processing unresolved emotions

Path to Purpose Coaching

Breakthrough inner barriers, take inspired action and live your full potential

Inner Vision Mentoring

Coming home to you!  Reconnecting with your true value and reclaiming yourself

As you feel your true values more fully, you’ll start to experience a more enriched and fulfilling life and new possibilities will arise.

Your body awaits, ready to guide you to a more ‘true to yourself’ and joyous existence!!

Welcome! I’m Salima.  Central to my  approach is the importance of cultivating a positive and supportive connection with you.  This shared trust and respect forms the foundation of our collaborative journey, creating an environment where you feel comfortable, supported, and confident in our partnership.

"Salima is gentle and warm. She skilfully held space and guided me to a tender place where I deeply felt what I needed to come back to balance. I found embodied therapy explorations, helpful, soothing and bringing me new insights. Salima also supported me with extra resources to use between the sessions. Highly recommend working with Salima. "

Lena, Bristol

"Salima has a kind and caring healing presence that helps me feel seen, supported, and cared for. She has an easeful and flowing approach when guiding me through an Uzazu session, bringing a kind of simplicity that's also profound in its transformational effectiveness. I felt the many interweaving aspects of Uzazu, as well as its profound power as Salima guided me. She intuitively connects with what I am going through, and what will most help me in a given session. It's always a joy to receive an Uzazu session from Salima, and I would highly and heartily recommend you work with her."

Susan, Maine

"I found so much benefit working with Salima. I’d never heard of Embodiment Therapy before, but was excited to give it a try, after regular talking therapy wasn’t quite helping as much as I’d like. I was totally blown away by how powerful it is. She’s was so understanding of me and really got what I was saying and feeling. I’ve been practicing the techniques and it’s opened up so much possibility and depth in my relationships with myself and others."

Joanne, Massage Therapist, Oxfordshire

‘Due to a change of circumstances, I was grappling with my relationship with my grown-up child. This was making me act and feel nervous and clunky when I was with him. After discussing the issue carefully, Salima led me through some seemingly simple - but as it turned out, powerful! - techniques to change the way I approached my son. The next time I saw him, I couldn't believe how much more confident and uncomplicated I felt - and how this in turn made him react positively to me, leading to a virtuous circle. ‘

Claire, Lancaster


"Thanks Salima for the embodiment Therapy. How you explained the movements was meaningful, but it got deep into my being by doing it often during the day and I felt that over time there was a shift in thinking as well as in my energy. It is good to do it regularly. "


Let’s see if we are the right fit.

If you’re drawn to this work, contact me – let’s explore together if I can help you.

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