Core Emotional Healing Therapy

For profound transformation and deeper core healing, therapy will be needed over a longer period of time. This approach allows the necessary time for your process to unfold organically, ensuring integration and sustainable progress in your healing journey.

Somatic Therapy gets to the heart of the matter, allowing you to access and process stuck emotions, unresolved traumas, or subconscious patterns that may be holding you back. This happens at a pace guided by you.  Using somatic techniques, I help you explore your inner landscape, safely. This work creates lasting change, enabling you to break free from old patterns and limiting beliefs, creating space for you to live more freely.

Somatic Therapy can help with

  • Behavioural habits
  • Unresolved emotions
  • Painful childhood memories
  • Reactivity and irritability
  • Increasing self-awareness/presence/deeper self-connection
  • Exploring and understanding the root cause of issues
  • Learning how to regulate your nervous system
  • Self-care and self-compassion