Inner Vision Therapies

How we work together

During our initial complimentary online or telephone consultation, we’ll assess our compatibility and discuss the most suitable approach for your needs.

Sessions can be active and engaging or quiet and restorative.

My therapeutic techniques may include any of the following: movement, visualisation, internal listening, or touch to facilitate integration within your body’s physiology or to calm the nervous system.

Talking plays a crucial role in identifying feelings and integrating desired changes.
A ‘parts of self’ perspective exploration helps engage and integrate with our whole self, aspects of ourselves that we might have compartmentalised.

Each session comes with tools and practices to help initiate change from the outset.

Sessions can take place online or in person at 160 Main Road, Long Hanborough, Oxon, OX29 8JY

6 mins walk to Long Hanborough train station, which serves London, Reading, Worcester.

All payments should be made in advance of the session by arrangement through BACS.

Schedule your complimentary consultation to see if I can support you.

"Salima is gentle and warm. She skilfully held space and guided to me to a tender place where I deeply felt what I needed to come back to balance. I found embodied therapy explorations, helpful, soothing and bringing me new insights. Salima also supported me with extra resources to use between the sessions. Highly recommend working with Salima. "

Lena, Bristol

"Salima has a kind and caring healing presence that helps me feel seen, supported, and cared for. She has an easeful and flowing approach when guiding me through an Uzazu session, bringing a kind of simplicity that's also profound in its transformational effectiveness. I felt the many interweaving aspects of Uzazu, as well as its profound power as Salima guided me. She intuitively connects with what I am going through, and what will most help me in a given session. It's always a joy to receive an Uzazu session from Salima, and I would highly and heartily recommend you work with her."

Susan, Maine

"I found so much benefit working with Salima. I’d never heard of Embodiment Therapy before, but was excited to give it a try, after regular talking therapy wasn’t quite helping as much as I’d like. I was totally blown away by how powerful it is. She’s was so understanding of me and really got what I was saying and feeling. I’ve been practicing the techniques and it’s opened up so much possibility and depth in my relationships with myself and others."

Joanne, Massage Therapist, Oxfordshire

‘Due to a change of circumstances, I was grappling with my relationship with my grown-up child. This was making me act and feel nervous and clunky when I was with him. After discussing the issue carefully, Salima led me through some seemingly simple - but as it turned out, powerful! - techniques to change the way I approached my son. The next time I saw him, I couldn't believe how much more confident and uncomplicated I felt - and how this in turn made him react positively to me, leading to a virtuous circle. ‘

Claire, Lancaster


"Thanks Salima for the embodiment Therapy. How you explained the movements was meaningful, but it got deep into my being by doing it often during the day and I felt that over time there was a shift in thinking as well as in my energy. It is good to do it regularly. "