Path to Purpose – Awakening your True Potential

Empowerment through Woman-Centred Coaching: Elevate expectations, shed limiting beliefs, and embrace personal growth.

Tailored to address your unique challenges and societal pressures, my coaching program supports self-discovery and empowerment. We will discover what aspects of your life you are not satisfied with, and what you truly desire eg. home, family, love, career, creativity, value aligned behaviours/actions, spirituality, health, prosperity, influence, visibility….

With deep listening and guidance, we challenge limiting beliefs, reclaim autonomy, and redefine ways of being, crafting an authentic self-concept aligned with your values and aspirations.

Within a safe supportive space, I provide the belief, resources and permission to help you tap into your full potential; to feel what’s possible beyond your current beliefs of what’s achievable. Together we translate this into action through tangible steps and accountability for lasting change.

This is primarily a talking based coaching, with some embodiment and visualisation techniques. You are required to be fully engaged and committed in this programme; to meet challenges, breakthroughs and irreversible change.

What’s included:

  • Regular sessions, weekly or bi-weekly
  • Session recap emails to cement key learnings
  • ‘Growth Work’ to continue your progress in between sessions and integrate changes and developments into your life.
  • Support in between sessions by way of messages or email, to provide consistency and ensure you are supported throughout the entire process.
  • Tools and guidance to help facilitate the changes you need.

Redefine your purpose and live to your full potential!!

Programme Phases

1. Creating a Growth Partnership

  • creating a safe container in which we can safely and openly work together in collaboration.
  • Expand your awareness of what is possible for you
  • Identify what is currently holding you back
  • Learn how to step into a growth mindset, increasing your courage and self-belief
  • Identify tools and resources to develop skills and capacities for growth.

2. Igniting your Vision

  • Explore each Life Area
  • Bring awareness to deeper desires that have been previously discounted
  • Help you connect with what you deeply long for, which is often out of our conscious awareness
  • Identify and ignite the areas to pursue
  • Increase your expectations of what is possible ‘Why not you!’

3. Identify Inner Barriers

  • Make the invisible visible with power and curiosity!
  • What are the current self-concepts that are holding you back?
  • Generate new awareness of self-beliefs, actions, patterns, and choices
  • Process of Self-Observation and compassionate Self-Inquiry

4. Irreversible Breakthrough – no turning back!

  • A shift in the core meaning-making frames through which you have been unconsciously thinking, deciding, acting and interpreting your experience in the area of your vision
  • A dynamic shift from the old story to the new story.
  • Taking responsibility for your past choices and behaviours
  • Connecting with the deeper truth of what’s possible from your new-found awareness.
  • Becoming ready to take action and step into the new!

5. Anchor the Growth Path – Structures for Success

  • Identify any remaining gaps between current and self in new vision
  • Design and map a concrete growth pathway
  • Creating your future in a way that’s aligned with your vision
  • Identifying action and mindset shifts to take
  • Develop new skills, capacities, habits that support your vision
  • Create structures that support you in your becoming!
  • Identify your own skills, wisdom and behaviours that are supportive
  • Identify other areas of support and accountability available

This programme will be a minimum of 4 months.