Surface-level Rapid Resolution Coaching

I recognise the importance of addressing day-to-day issues, interactions, and behaviours that impact your life. Sometimes you need practical solutions and tools to navigate specific challenges more effectively.

Using embodiment techniques to re-model your actions, integrate body awareness and language synchronisation, and behavioural strategies, I help you make targeted changes and improvements in your daily life, fostering healthier relationships, communication, and self-expression.

Surface-Level Rapid Resolution Coaching Session between Salima and a man

Our Exploration Together

Working together over 1-2 sessions using embodiment practises and focused effort you can experience swift changes to situations, interactions, reactivity or specific behaviours.  We can work with:

  • Day-today obstacles
  • Unfulfilled outcomes
  • Motivation and satisfaction
  • Communication issues
  • Control and empowerment
  • Finding behavioural stategies

Time for change?